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We are a small family based business with 20 years hands on experience of caring for our own people with disabilities, and into our fourth plan within the NDIS ourselves. We have self managed our own NDIS plans, so totally understand why the necessity for good Plan Managers is an important and growing one. Lavender Plan Management wants to remove the stress and create calm. We claim directly from the budgets in your plan to pay your providers on your behalf.

Lavender Plan Management is an NDIS registered provider for the Plan Management of your NDIS Plans. We are registered to deliver Plan Management currently in all States where the NDIS has been rolled out – NSW, ACT, QLD, TAS, SA, VIC, NT and parts of WA. Our role is to take the stress of your NDIS finances away from you.

The cost of Plan Management is covered by the NDIS so there is no additional cost by you, nor does it affect any other section of your plan. If your plan is Plan Managed we are good to go. If you are self managed and not coping with the admin side of the finances, you can request to change to Plan Managed and change over to our services.
They claim directly from the budgets in your plan to pay your providers on your behalf.

You need choice and control in your life and in your plan, and by removing any stresses related to the financial side, you can set about enjoying the choices you have made. We will consistently work in a timely manner to ensure your service providers are paid, and paid fast. So chat to us today, about how we can work with you towards the best outcome for your NDIS needs.

Happy 23rd birthday to my beautiful’s - you flew into this world almost ten weeks early and changed our world. Cannot imagine doing life without you. You have taught us so many life lessons and pointed our lives in a direction we didn’t know we wanted to go in. This business started because of you - this business was named because of you - keep creating our calm in a chaotic world xx love you to the moon and beyond - thanks for choosing us x #twinsofinstagram #lavenderbabies #lavenderplanmanagement #ndisprovider @neeneebinskin @staceybinskin ... See MoreSee Less
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When you go and visit your dad and he leaves you out a lavender towel #lavender #everyoneknowsweliveandbreatheit ... See MoreSee Less
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Today marks three years in business. Wow what a journey. Thank you to all who have trusted us with your NDIS plans. It is a pleasure to work with you. We have grown into a beautiful company with amazing staff - feeling very blessed. #lavenderplanmanagement #ndisprovider #happybirthdaytous #timetocelebrate ... See MoreSee Less
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Packing to move is bringing me so many emotions and memories back - this one many many years before the NDIS - article written 25-10-2000 #earlyintervention #downsyndrome ... See MoreSee Less
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This is one of the gifts my babes gave me for Mother’s Day - happy Mother’s Day to all of you #lavenderplanmanagement #homemadeisbestmade #feelingloved ... See MoreSee Less
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NDIS Registered Provider and ABA member