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We are a small family based business with 20 years hands on experience of caring for our own people with disabilities, and into our fourth plan within the NDIS ourselves. We have self managed our own NDIS plans, so totally understand why the necessity for good Plan Managers is an important and growing one. Lavender Plan Management wants to remove the stress and create calm. We claim directly from the budgets in your plan to pay your providers on your behalf.

Lavender Plan Management is an NDIS registered provider for the Plan Management of your NDIS Plans. We are registered to deliver Plan Management currently in all States where the NDIS has been rolled out – NSW, ACT, QLD, TAS, SA, VIC, NT and parts of WA. Our role is to take the stress of your NDIS finances away from you.

The cost of Plan Management is covered by the NDIS so there is no additional cost by you, nor does it affect any other section of your plan. If your plan is Plan Managed we are good to go. If you are self managed and not coping with the admin side of the finances, you can request to change to Plan Managed and change over to our services.
They claim directly from the budgets in your plan to pay your providers on your behalf.

You need choice and control in your life and in your plan, and by removing any stresses related to the financial side, you can set about enjoying the choices you have made. We will consistently work in a timely manner to ensure your service providers are paid, and paid fast. So chat to us today, about how we can work with you towards the best outcome for your NDIS needs.

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This is Stacey’s sign book - done to help
With communication when language was a barrier.

Long before she could talk she could sign! Actually this was long before she walked either!

Now 17 years on and we still revert back to some of the basic signs.

Such an amazing system. Does anyone else use sign language in their homes?

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My girls love Tae Kwon Do. How far they have both come physically over the past few years is mind blowing. Both in their ability and their confidence.

This pic says so much to me. It says Thank you for giving us a go. Thank you for making it fun. Thank you for teaching us. Thank you for believing in us.

In the lifetime of my girls we have tried many sports and activities just wanting our girls to have a piece of a normal life. A chance to have fun with their peers. A chance for a taste of inclusion.

We found it in Imugi - if you are local check out their page www.facebook.com/ImugiMA/

Kell and Tony run an awesome school for their Star Imugis (those needing a little extra help) and their mainstream classes and the two cross over at times with each other.

This pic shows that inclusion and shows pure joy in an average Monday Afternoon class for all involved.

Living life and loving every minute. So thankful my girls have this opportunity that we haven’t found anywhere else.

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Whilst I know not a lot of my clients are local, nor do they all have young children - for those of you who are, and who do - this looks like a really good event to attend. And its FREE!

If you are not local and know of anything like this in your area, please send it to me so I can share it here for others in your area as well. Remember wherever you are, I am registered Australia wide, and have clients in multiple states across the country who would love to know what is on!

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As a parent it is hard enough to watch others’ kids do what is considered normal and realize your kids’ might take a lot longer to achieve that - or in fact that it is beyond their ability to even do it ever.

I remember watching people at restaurants with their kids thinking wow we can’t even go out as a family (due to one hyperactive daughter) and I guess I self judged myself. Of course, so many other things to, but strangely it was looking at this kind of “normal” that I desperately wanted.

So we all self judge ourselves enough without needing to be judged by others.

Celebrate every dang minute xxxxx

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NDIS Registered Provider and ABA member